The word "Shachiku" is a Japanese term defines as “corporate cattle.” For the performance, Shachiku is used to describe “us”, who are following the society rule- “survival of fittest”.

Screen Shot 2019-06-17 at 1.36.48 am.png


Shachiku is a story that reflects on we (humans) play the role of what we supposed to. Lost in a maze so called "society". 

Set design ideas & concepts

Considering the performance space is in a black box, the space comes with the frame of black walls and emptiness black colour performance floor. The first thing I want to do is start breaking this frame.

I intended to design more toward abstractive rather than realistic, more toward the concept of “less is more, more is less”.

A space that does not seen to be a specific real location. 

Abstractive, imaginary, simplistic are the core concepts for the set design. What I wanted to create to the audience is that they are not in a four walls closed room, instead, I would like them to be in an imagination space that represents an endless place like they are being trapped in an infinite dimension, where responds to the character we created in the script that seems like she can’t escape from it.

What kind of experience am I making?

“I want to create an “endless” space and give the audience a sense of being separated from the real world.” Three principle concepts of making an immersive theatre."

What emotional arc am I trying to create for the audience?

Starting a feeling of “going into a world” , then having the feeling of being trapped in there.

What Zones do I have in my space that can create that emotional arc?

I just need one Zone, a large space doesn’t bounded by anything excluded the walls from building itself.

When I place that broad emotional arc in these Zones, what new emotional journeys naturally emerge?

Make the audience sightline blurry, can’t see really clear what surround them. Like being eaten by the space.

The quotes that inspired me

“achieve an intangible effect by tangible means”

“Art should not picture the visible, but make the invisible visible.... “

“In a well-executed immersive piece, the space is an actor, capable of interacting with and influencing the audience.”

Visual research & inspiration



City building
City buildings
People crossing

Design Version #1

Version 1


  • Boom pipes

  • Orderly positioned as creating an imaginary space of a constructed and repetitive society.

  • Audience is allowed to walk in

Design Version #2

Version 2


  • Strings randomly positioned and slanted

  • Audience is allowed to walk in

Design Version #3 (Final)

Version 3


  • Strings randomly positioned and straight up to the grid

  • Audience is allowed to walk in

Model box with lighting state test

Model box
Model box
Model box

Material test

Material barn test
Material barn test
Material barn test

Set installation time-lapse video

Set floor plans

Set floor plan
Set plan